Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 19th Of November 2007

Shane French /

November 19, 2007

Hey all,

Fresh runnerI was up early this morning and onto the Waitahanui River. Things have been quiet on this piece of water however there are trout around. Take your time through all the water, varying your weight and leader length and you will pick up Trout. All the fish I hooked this morning took a Natural!!

Trout taken from the rip.It was my BD yesterday and I was let out for a small play around the rips late in the day. There is some smelting going on in a few places and although some of the fish are mending, one or two are very nice fish as well. The lake level is VERY low at the moment and so the Waimarino may be worth a shot as well.

Flies for summer!!!I am selling some flies over the internet at the moment and would like to offer them to Taupofishing readers. They are a collection of some of my favorites, all these flies take both Rainbows and Browns. There is a 20% discount when bought through this website.

What is this one?I would also like to thank everyone who emailed me about the photo of the moth the other day. It turned out to be an Emporer Gum Moth. Can you tell me what this one is please. We managed to save it and it flew away, unfortunately a sparrow spotted it flitting about and nailed it in mid air, suck way to go out!!

Regards Shane