Lake Taupo Trout Fishing report For The 1st of August 2007

Shane French /

August 1, 2007

Hey all

Wow did we get some rain last night, and due to that all the rivers South of the Hinemaiaia were in spate and unfishable.

I fished the Waitahanui this morning picking up three smallish Trout in what seemed to be perfect conditions. The water has extra flow and colour. I went into the rip for an hour after that and apparently just missed all the action. The rip is looking excellent and is the best I have seen it for MONTHS. I got skunked there and so came home to warm up.

The Hinemaiaia being the only other fishable river got the pounding from hell as far as angling pressure went. A few were taken straight up this morning!!

The Tauranga Taupo level is slowly dropping and may be fishable tomorrow if we don’t get any more rain, stay down low and fish that close in water. Watch your crossings on this river that flow is surprisingly swift.

See you on the water.

Regards Shane