Lake Taupo Trout Fishing report for the 20th of January 2008

Shane French /

January 20, 2008

Hey all,

dscf2405.JPGI have been fishing the back country rivers for the past two weeks flat out. Some of the fish are just brutes, I took an experienced American out three days ago who hooked up on 6 fish for the half day and didn’t manage to land any of them. he had wanted to use his 4# and agreed afterwards that he was under powered. Excellent fun to watch someone be peeled off downstream with every fish!

dscf2408.JPGJames and I had a brilliant day on the Whanganui a few days ago, hooking up on at least 15 good fish. James had awesome fish fighting skills and managed to land most of them including a great fight with a 6 pounder that was determined to wrap him around every rock in the river. There was a fantastic mix of browns and rainbows in this section.

dscf2412.JPGYesterday I shot back into the Whanganui with Nick from Auckland, this was his second trip in here with me. Unfortunately the wind was howling down the river and made casting impossible at times. Nick did his best but getting any distance was not an option and so it didn’t give the Nymphs much of a chance to sink down to the fish. The section we were in was great scenery and we certainly would have picked up more fish without the wind.

dscf2417.JPGWe are due to get a good dumping of rain in the Taupo catchment and it will be interesting to see what it does to the local rivers. I might go for a walk up the Waimarino and the TT next week to see what is in there.

Here are some pics of some fish over the past week.


Regards Shane