Lake Taupo Trout fishing report For The 20th Of October 2007

Shane French /

October 20, 2007

Hey all,

I very busy weekend ahead of us at the lodge. We have a wedding that I am catering for, guiding and the shop has been ballistic over the past two days, all good stuff. Apparently the weather is going to turn nasty agin later today with strong South Westerlies and rain. So what does this mean for the rivers?

The Tauranga Taupo is slowly falling and there should be a heap of fish in there by tomorrow, warning there will probably be a heap of anglers on there as well. Fish should be right throughout the system by now.

The Tongariro as I have said before has a huge amount of Trout in there now. If you are not getting onto them, MOVE. Have Green and White Caddis in your fly box.

The Hinemaiaia looks to be coming to the end of its season, however if you want some quiet time to yourself this would be one of the rivers to be on. Very little pressure at the moment.

The Waitahanui is in the best condition I have seen it all season. Again if you are not getting onto the fish in a section ,move they are in there and some of them are very nice.

Backcountry Rivers in the area should also be fishable by now. Please please please release these fish back into the water after taking a photo. If we all took these guys there would be nothing left to fish for.

Take care on the roads over the weekend and see you on the water.

Regards Shane