Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 20th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 20, 2008

Hey All

Firstly thank you to all the forum members who have helped with my question I asked of you, much appreciated and all your points have been taken on board.

I was a little under the weather yesterday so didn’t get out and have resorted to reports from my angling friends today.

The Tonagriro has good numbers of trout right throughout its length and there are some good fish amongst them. The only problem here is the angling pressure, it is intense.

dscf0011.JPGThe Tauranga Taupo had a good run of fish go through on Thursday, (when Paul and I fished it) and they have spread themselves throughout the river. Steven had a blast on there Friday and returned today and got another dozen. He also dropped a beauty with a conservative estimate of  6 pounds. I passed this river early on today as I was on my way to Creel to but some Glo bugs and the car park was almost full.

The Hinemaiaia is not receiving any pressure at all and the water looked very fishable as I drove over it.

dscf0009.JPGThe Waitahanui had a damn good run go through Friday and they made their way quickly through into the top pools, some good fish were taken by the bridge on Friday.

I hopefully will get out tomorrow.

Regards Shane