Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 21st November 2007

Shane French /

November 21, 2007

Hey all,

dscf1984.JPGI had a huge day today on a back country piece of water that i have been looking at for some time now. I heard it held some fairly big trout and wanted to see for myself. Brendon came along as he had fished this piece of water before and is good company to boot.

Brendon’s 4 pounderI started off with a Nymphing rig and Brendon with a dry fly and dropper. We came across a feeding brown Trout early on that would have pushed the scales to 5 pounds. It was smashing the surface water gobbling something, however it was not interested in anything we had to offer and we offered everything we had!!! From then on for well over two hours we never saw a bloody fish, it was not hard wading but a little demoralizing. After lunch we came across a piece of water that looked promising and Brendon managed to pull a good Brown out. This was a little chunker and went just over 4 pounds in the net.

5 pound Brownie taken on Dry fly and dropper rigI had changed to a dry and dropper as well by this stage as the water was perfect for this style of fishing and all the trout we had seen, (bugger all) were taking off the surface. We came upon a stretch of water that one of us could spot from and the other wade and fish. Brendon being the good bugger he is,(and I threatened to leave him there if he didn’t) choose to spot. It wasn’t long before he spotted a good fish and then the fun began. It was very tight casting conditions with Toi Toi on both sides but not too deep. On my fourth cast the Brownie moved out and clearly took the small Pheasant tail. All hell broke loose, my little five weight almost bending to the last rung. It was expertly netted, (with threats of castration) photographed and set free. It tipped the scales at just over the 5 pound mark, man was I buzzing!

Releasing a good oneThe Trout were definitely holding is specific water and so we moved fairly fast to try and find them. They were few and far between and the day was getting on so we called it quites and truddged the half hour back to the car via a small track. I need to go back a few times to suss it out a bit better but there are some VERY big fish in this stream and it was a lot of fun fishing to them.

Take care out there,

Regards Shane