Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 21st Of August 2008

Shane French /

August 21, 2008

Hey All

One of the up grades to the web site has taken place today and that is the new look to the home page, there are a few more to come.

I am working at the Tongariro Lodge as the Sous Chef at the moment as well as guiding, I needed to keep my hand in there in case I ever wanted to get back into it full time. The head chef, Gavin is from South Africa, (yes he has coped some grief this week) and has never picked up a fishing rod before. Shane the Kitchen hand who is quite handy with a fly rod took him out the other day on the Tongariro for a quick flick but the river was high and Gavin……… well Gavin sucked!

I know I will pay for that comment with untold horrible duties in the kitchen!!!!

Shane with Waimarino troutThis morning I took both Shane and Gavin to spot X. I was surprised at how fast Gavin picked up on the water load and line control but giggled when I yelled strike and he nearly filled his waders and dropped my rod, maybe I need to tone that down a little.

Gavin with first fish everWe picked up about 7 fish for the three hours on the water. The look on Gavin’s face says it all, this is what I love about guiding. I have to admit though the quality of trout has dropped dramatically in the past two weeks. All the fish are skinny, although Gavin’s looks a little skinnier due to his DEATH grip on it!!

I stopped in at Creal in Turangi to pick up some Glo Bugs, (best in New Zealand) and while talking to Steve was told about the crowd of TRM crew here for the much awaited Waitahanui /Tonagriro fish off. Apparently there are hundreds of them lining up to try and beat us. Have you ever seen the movie 300, where a very few Spartan warriors fight off a marauding smelly group of  Persians, well this is very similar except we win and I don’t quite have the abdominal muscles they had in the movie. The scene is set. The badies, TRMhave massed in numbers and are feeding off the land like locusts while the humble Taupofishing crew stealthily await the moment to strike and render fear into the heart of the heathen Tongariro fisherman, blah blah blah OMG i’m starting to sound like Ross!! Stay tuned this is going to be good.

Regards Shane