Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 21st Of July 2008

Shane French /

July 21, 2008

Hey All,

So very sorry for the lack of reports, I was admitted into hospital last week with a kidney stone and haven’t managed to get out until today. Thank you for all the emails of support, Rob I promise to take you to Trout heaven next time you book me out, sorry mate.

dscf3651.JPGIt sounds like the fishing has been good on all of the rivers over the past few days. Looking at the Tauranga Taupo flow it has been up and down all week. I can’t wait to get in there and walk the river to have a look at the new lies that will have opened up.

We had a group of young fisherman stay at the lodge over the weekend including Geoff Fishie from the Forum. Geoff did really well in the Waitahanui and also picked up an 8 pound brown from the bridge pool wet lining. Phil who is also staying at the lodge and was watching the battle removed his shoes and socks and jumped into the water (9.00pm guys, Waitahanui River!!!) to net this beast of a fish. Bloody good effort on both accounts, apparently Phil’s toes are still blue.

dscf3595.JPGAnyone walking the lower Waitahanui river will be aware of the disgusting state of the track. DOC are now getting around to doing this and so within a few short weeks the tracks will be picture perfect and not this ugly boggy dangerous mess!!

dscf3601.JPGWhile on on about messes, take a look at this!! The “‘ROCK WALL ” doing what it does best, stopping the natural flow of the lake on the Eastern side and this is the end result, SLUDGE, THICK SLUDGE at that. Mighty river power keep saying that they are going to do something about this but still haven’t, come-summer this sludge is going to rot, stink, kill fish in the area and generally make the Waitahanui shoreline unpleasant to be around. Take a close look at this stuff guys it was making a wet slurping sucking noise as it washed back and forth. I understand why they needed to try it, but it is obviously not going to work so take the bloody thing out before I make it public again. I also heard a report the other day that the Waitahanui rip has silted up. Now I haven’t seen this for myself and will get out there ASAP but if it has I will cause such a stink. My main concern out of all of what has gone on out the front was the TRUCK loads of sand dumped out there to help the build up of the beach. If the natural flow is disrupted by the BIG UGLY PILE OF ROCKS, (and hey lest face it that has happened) then all that extra sand might end up down at the river mouth silting up one of the best well known rips in the world. In all my years of fishing the Waitahanui rip I have never known it to be shallow, ! Watch this space. dscf3603.JPG

We have shitty weather over the next week with some heavy rain tomorrow and Wednesday, should be good for the fishing.

Regards Shane