Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 21st of May 2008

Shane French /

May 19, 2008

Hey all,

Will Calder, winner 2008 Waitahanui Lodge competiton.Wow things are hard out there. The competition that we held over the weekend proved the point. We had 18 anglers on the water for the day and a half, although most of them caught fish, it was hard to get one that was going to win the comp. In the end a Hen with tiny eggs took it out with a weight of 3 pounds and 14 ounces, (almost 4 pounds). Yes that is small but note, it was a little fatty, great flesh and thick flank flesh. Well done Will Calder from Wellington, and thank you Tight Lines and Feather Merchants for the sponsored prizes.

dscf3329.JPGThe Waitahanui has some great fish in it and I thought the winning fish might have come from here. It was attacked by our Wet lining duo, Craig and Alistair and was nymphed to death by the Marks from Auckland. Some good fish were hooked but they were few and far between. The photo is of Paul who “just knew” there had to be one in there, even after I had fished it!! The bastard was right too. Poor fish couldn’t get away from his size 2 glow bug and had no choice but to swallow it.

dscf3355.JPGThe Hinemaiaia has had a bit of angling pressure over the week, as more fisherman have one last go before it closes off. Fishing is described as “few and far between” on here. A beautiful hen was weighted in from here Saturday morning. Mikes fish went 3 pound 12 ounces and was a little rugby ball!

Cliff pool, Tauranga TaupoThe Tauranga Taupo fished BADLY all weekend. We had a few fisherman descend on this magic piece of water and they did some walking. Very hard going was the story here. It got a bashing as well, with 13 cars at one stage in the park. The winning fish came from the Tauranga Taupo river mouth. This river has changed dramatically since the floods and parts of it are NOT going to hold fish at all.

The Tongariro is dropping at the moment. We had a couple of mad keen fisherman flog this river and although they got fish the general consensus was that condition was poorer than other rivers.

We also had Phil from Palmerston North come up and launch his boat out the front for a Harl. Now this guy knows how to catch them and he found it VERY hard going. Some nice little fish in fantastic condition but just under the legal size.

We have the Wellington fly fishing club coming up this weekend and so am looking forward to catering to their needs. They sound like a good bunch of fisho’s