Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 22 Of April 2008

Shane French /

April 22, 2008

Hey all,

I fished the Waitahanui yesterday afternoon. As I was walking into my first pool I came across four anglers walking back down the path with woe full looks. Without asking how the fishing was, I was told that there were no bloody fish in the river and I was wasting my time. None of them had Polaroids on and at a quick glance of their tackle, (keep it out of the gutter guys) I knew they were going way to heavy. To back this up one of them said, “the Bloody River is only good for taking Nymphs”. When I meet people on the Waitahanui I am more than happy to give them a fly out of my box to help, or maybe to give a little advice on leader length or weight of the dropper. I never try to come across as a know it all, as I believe LEARNING from your bad days on the water are all part of the fishing journey we have to go through. I simply suggested to this party that they might be going a little heavy on the BOMBS, you could see the advice going straight over their heads. Off they went grumbling down the track vowing never to return to this river again!

Fat Healthy Hen, Waitahanui RiverOn my first cast I picked up this little fatty of about two and a half pounds. I really had to fight the urge to run after them brandishing my Trout and going na na na na na. My advice for beginner anglers on the Waitahanui, enjoy the surroundings and the fact you are not stuck inside, take your time through the water and THINK. If your Nymphs are continuously snagging the bottom, drop back in weight. You are trying to get a clean drift. A Natural and a Glow Bug are an excellent choice all day, however if you are fishing to a spotted trout and it is not taking try all combinations and play with weight then. Flash backs, Hair and coppers, Black Rubber Legs, Hairs ears and Caddis should all be tried and don’t be afraid to go small. However you should have on a Glow Bug now! Watch that leader length too, in this river I never go above ten feet. Keep in the back of your mind, “sometimes the fish win” and you will go home empty handed.

David Kade, Didymo fighterI picked up four very fat healthy fish from the bridge to Cliff pool, where I came across this dude. David Kade is our Didymo man for the Taupo region. If you fish these rivers you will at some time be approached by this HIGHLY dedicated member of DOC. He is trying his best to get the Check, Clean and Dry message out to anglers. Please listen to his words, he also carries around photos of infected rivers from the South Island. OMG you don’t want this stuff in the North Island, heart breaking material to look at. Did you know that in some river systems it can reduce fish numbers by up to 90%!! On this subject I have a meeting with Mark Burton our Labour MP today at 10.30. I have a number of questions I would like to ask him about why our Government and Bio Security in general have not quarantined the North Island. Didymo is now in 80 South Island Rivers Bio Security NZ, (or BNZ) agree the Check Clean and Dry campaign is NOT working and this terrible algae is on the rampage, soon to spread to the North Island. If we as Anglers and outdoors man do not make a stand on this then our way of life will be gone forever. We need to get pissy about this fast and we need to slow its approach into the North, giving the scientists time to come up with a solution. More on this soon.

I have a good friend who has been told to clean out his fishing gear. He has WAY too many rods and has been given the “word”. He is now selling these two beautiful rods for $400 a piece. They are the Sage VPS in 6 and 8 weights. They normally retail for over $800. Please contact me for further details.


Regards Shane