Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 22 of February 2008

Shane French /

February 22, 2008

Hey all,

Wow I just saw that I hadn’t updated my reports for 12 days, very sorry about this.

Guiding has been flat out this month with not too many days to myself. Like wise the Lodge has been full for most of this time, all in all a fantastic time of year, even the bank manager likes us now!!

Out on the water:

dscf2574_final.JPGThe Waitahanui has some excellent browns in there if you are interested in stalking these fish. Most sections have them stacked up along the banks and in the quieter water. Try to find the ones moving from side to side as they are most likely feeding. Anything parked up and not moving is a complete waste of time, (fun though). There are a few small Rainbows in here as well, with the odd excellent one thrown in. I have been giving a local lady hourly lessons on the Waitahanui and on her second session she hooked up into a beautiful 5 pound fish that totally took us to the cleaners. She had a smile on her face for the rest of the time spent with her. The Rip has been getting a HUGE amount of pressure, 12 and more rods at times. This probably means fish are being taken but unless you like lots of company………….

dscf2572.JPGThe Hinemaiaia had a good little run go through last week. The Trout weren’t huge but there were plenty of them and they sure did fight. The rip is getting a thumping like the Waitahanui. I fished the rip with a client last week and as we had it all to ourselves, (middle of the day) I stuck on Nymphing gear and Nymphed it. We ended up with eight nice fish, great fun watching the indicator drift out and get slammed under.

dscf2568_final.JPGI haven’t fished the Tauranga Taupo for a while but everytime I have driven past this week there have been NO cars in the parking area. I saw that it had a spike of water go through ten days ago and am sure trout would have moved in. Checking the water out before Winter is a good idea here, the river has changed somewhat in places!

dscf2584_final.JPGI have spent quite a bit of time on the Tongariro this month. Some days have been excellent with Trout happy to take both the Nymph and the dry fly and other days it has been HARD going. I took an American client into the Town pools the other day and we had a blast bringing trout up to the Dry Fly in very shallow water. He managed to hook into a fantastic Jack of about 6 pounds that proceeded to leap like a mad thing all over the place, showing off his beautiful red markings. This fellow had taken the Flash Back dropper and as we were only using 3.6 pound fluro there, it busted off. It then lept 6 more times (my client counted) just to rub it in to us. If you have a chance look over the Red Hut bridge, there are some HUGE trout down there. If you want a go at those, get there well after dark with a fast sinker and big black fly!!

I have spent a wee bit of time back country as well.

dscf2589_final.JPGFrom what I have heard and seen for myself most of the rivers have had tremendous pressure put on them. This means you may have to walk some distance to find the fish that have not been picked up. I walked into a great little river this week with a client and struggled for the first 2 KM of water, just as I was about to break down and cry we got onto the fish, from there on it was a good trout, (or two) per pool. It made for a long walk out but that is fishing at this time of year.

dscf2598_final.JPGThe other side of the coin is I took Mike from America, who is staying at the lodge, into the Whanganui on the quads, yesterday. The beat I choose to fish had obviously not had any pressure for some time and we slayed them!! All the fish in this mighty river are in awesome condition at the moment and have gained weight over the past month, munching out on Cicadas. We saw the biggest eel ever yesterday, scaring the shit out of both of us. I tried to lift it up as it swam up to me and I estimated it weight to be at least twenty pounds. It was like a strainer post!!

dscf2604_final.JPGMy most successful rig at the moment for Nymphing has to be a size 16 black Nymph for the dropper and a size 14 Tungsten Prince Nymph for the point fly. This is rigged on a tappered leader with the last half tied in fluro.

Dry flies have been excellent and you should give this a go whenever possible. Royal Wolfz are taking dscf2608-1_final.JPGfish everywhere and I have been using a size 16 mighty might under that and then a size 14 Flash back under that. Not fun to cast in wind but man is it taking Trout.

dscf2613_final.JPGHope you all are having a great summer out there.

Regards Shane