Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 22nd of June 2008

Shane French /

June 22, 2008

Hey all,

dscf3560.JPGIf you hunt around at the moment you can still find a little back country water open to explore. The Waipunga being one of these. I took Bob from Australia there on Thursday to have a little look. This tributary of the Mohaka is not for the faint of heart, it can be a cold place at the best of times and the rocks are sharp and slippery. The trout were there for us and it didn’t take Bob long to get onto them.

dscf3563.JPGHe dropped a real honey of a fish in the second pool and I congratulate him for his efforts as well. The water was up considerably as the area had received a fair bit of rain. Most of the fish that we hooked were in the three pound mark although I dropped a very nice brown that would have pushed the scales close to 5. I took in my five weight rod but it was under gunned for the increased river flow and resulting weight I had to throw. Bob was using a 6-7 and it handled the conditions well.

dscf3569.JPGPart of the attraction for back country is the animal life that you can encounter, there are a tone of goats and the odd pig running around. I have seen deer and on this trip I saw one of the biggest stoatsver.This thing looked like a bloody Mere Cat!

dscf3574.JPGBack home we could do with some rain!! I fished the Hinemaiaia and the Waitahanui on Friday and Saturday. The Hine was almost dry! I have never seen it so low. I managed to pull this FAT little Jack out, that went absolutely spastic for a few minutes. The condition of the fish as I have said is far better than last year. There are a number of people complaining about the size and although I agree they are a little small but at least they are not eels like last season. Persevere I am sure some larger fish will make their way in. I have seen a few very nice fish anyway and have been snapped off by a few this season as well.

If you look at the weather map you will see a series of huge lows coming in from the Tasman and up from the South. They are going to bring rain for the next day or so and then apparently on Wednesday The town of Taupo might get SNOW. If the rivers don’t fill up with fresh fish after this dumping then I will be a little concerned about the fishery! If you can get here during the week then do so. Feel free to ring us first to make sure the rivers are fishable!

Take care out there.

Regards Shane