Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 23rd Of August 2008

Shane French /

August 23, 2008

Hey All,

The Waitahanui/ Tongariro TrophyThis is what it is all about this weekend. Ross’s report from last night cracked me up, almost his entire team are anglers I have guided over the past three years. He has the audacity to say we at the mighty Waitahanui should surrender, Ha I have seen your anglers fish, I am not concerned!

Now what did the Nui have install for us today, well….

dscf3807.JPGPaul met me at the Lodge bang on 6.30 where Steven and I were waiting patiently. We drove to the cliff pool and quickly did this area without success. From there we did Washerwomans, little cliff, the Creasent and Totara picking up fish in most pools. The quality is ok but the size is way down, this is a little dissapointing as apart from the fear of Ross beating me and having to move to another planet, it is a sure example that things are not right in the system.

dscf3818.JPGAfter Totara we moved into the upper pools, these are looking spectacular and once again we pulled fish from most of the pools. I dropped, (yes haha Brendon) a good fish in the back of Pig that splashed on the surface and then tore off and around the corner, I fully understand why they call that pool ‘Pig’.

dscf3803.JPGI can’t understand this but there has been a GOOD run of Brown trout go through. These are silver fresh fat little beasts. This one went 4 pounds 1 oz and fought like a demon, splashing and jumping and causing all sorts of stress on me.

dscf3814.JPGWe ended up at the Limit Pool where Paul hooked a good Rainbow of just under 4 pounds. It seems there are heaps of trout throughout the river but very few over that mark. I just prey to the fishing Gods that this is the same on the Tongariro! We have a game plan for tomorrow morning and so hopefully will get onto a few bigger ones. I would have felt more secure with a 6 pounder sitting on the scales that is for sure.

Regards Shane