Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 23rd Of July 2008

Shane French /

July 23, 2008

Hey all,

I dragged my sorry arse out onto the Waitahanui this morning to try and walk out the crap from my system but sorry to say the body and mind were not that willing today.

dscf3689.JPGWe had a heap of wind and rain over night and I thought the river might have been full of them. A bad sign was that the locals were not at the bridge pool when I got there by 10.30 am. I met the DOC maintenance crew just up from the bridge as they up grade the track. Excellent job guys, the true right down from Ladies needs a good bit of work done on it but what they have done is fantastic.

dscf3690.JPGI met three anglers coming back down the river who had been skunked bar one small Brown and they suggested the lower reaches were empty. I noted however they were all using naturals and so wasn’t to worried. The water has some colour in it and has good flow and volume. I picked up my first fish in Colonels but this was a scabby old Jack and so I didn’t take a pic of him. From there up I picked up five of these little Hens all about 2.3/4 pound. Good hard fighters but not great fish in general. I was a little disappointed in all as the conditions are perfect.

dscf3502.JPGI talked to Paul yesterday. You might have seen this tall ginger headed fish slayer when out and about. He is normally followed by Chris who is also a master with the Nymph but not as ugly. They had an absolute blast on Tuesday further down the line just before the river levels came up with the rain. All the fish they landed (and apparently there were too many to count) were all solid 4 pounders in great fighting condition. These guys are fairly picky with their fish but yesterday they kept their limit. Now I mention this because last year at this time most of the fish being landed were in shocking condition and this was from all the rivers. Brendon, I was a fish in my last life Mathews, was the first to say it was because of the Lake not turning over a few years earlier mixing the nutrients that feed the smelt. He told me over a glass of milk one day that this year would be better than last and NEXT year would almost be back to normal. From what I have seen so far this season that prediction is well on course, and gives hope for the fishery to bounce back to a stronger bigger gene pool.

We have had some steady rain here today and just looking at the river levels I see that the Tauranga Taupo is too high for fishing. I’m not sure about the Tongariro but I bet it is getting up there as well. If you are planning to come down over the next few days it might pay to hold off and wait and see what the river levels are doing. Feel free to give us a call at the lodge for a more up to date report.

Regards Shane