Lake taupo trout fishing report for The 23rd september 2007

Shane French /

September 23, 2007

Hey all,

A mixed bag for most of the rivers at the moment. The Waitahanui has had a few runs go through but it is low and clear and the Trout are moving through fast. There are some good fish in this river at present!

The Hinemaiaia had some excellent fish go through this morning. One keen angler from Wellington landed a 7.5 pound Jack and released some other good fish as well. This stream seems to just go and go. The rip is fishing well at the moment as well.

The Tongariro was quiet in the upper pools yesterday and VERY busy below the bridge. There are fish in here but it has become a little harder over the week, according to reports through the shop.

We are now into the school holidays and so it will be interesting to see what the pressure is like for the next two weeks, we are certainly busy through the Lodge.

All the rips are fishing well at the moment. we have not had any rough weather for weeks now and so the fish are banking up out the front of the rivers. It should be all on when the next blow hits us. We are apparently going to get this early next week!!!!

The harling out the front of the lodge has been excellent with some very nice fish going through my smoker. Gold bodied Ginger Micks doing all the damage.

Hope you all had a safe weekend on the roads.

Regards Shane