Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 24th Of April 2008

Shane French /

April 23, 2008

Hey all,

Looking up to the Steps Pool.Hinemaiaia RiverI have fished my arse off over the past two days, the weather has been perfect for a good run in both the Hinemaiaia and the Waitahanui. Out of the two Rivers, the Waitahanui is winning hands down. I was skunked in the Hine yesterday afternoon in all the sections I fished and again this morning. I arrived at about 7.30 to find the car park below the bridge empty!! I almost fell out of the truck trying to rig up. Nothing in the lower section and I fished it hard as well, and only one in the middle section above the bridge. Hard Hard Hard! I’ll blame the full moon, as this river should have held fish this morning and the weather pattern is good. Bloody great river though and some awesome water has opened up, if you take the time to walk and have a look. The steps pool, (most popular water on the Hinemaiaia) has changed. The poi’s on the true Right have gone and there are a few branches close in on the true Left, that have come down and are hugging the side. They are not lying across the pool and so a clean drift is still possible. I think this has made the pool quite interesting to fish and I look forward to seeing how the trout stack up there over winter.

Fat Hen about to be smoked, caught this morningI landed a beautiful Hen in the Waitahanui this morning. As you can see it is FAT all the way to the tail. It had small eggs and bright red flesh. It gave an excellent account for itself on the water and I really had to play it hard as it wanted to run into a few snags. Constant hard runs and some aerial antics had me struggling to get it under control.

Lower Waitahanui River There are some fantastic trout in the Waitahanui at the moment. Out of all the rivers I have taken fish from in the last three weeks the flesh and overall condition of the trout is best from this legend of a river. Go past the hustle and bustle of the Bridge Pool and you will find a quiet peaceful river that harbors great fishing. The Waitahanui has had a bad rap over the years and most of it is not warranted. If you have not ticked the box on this piece of water then I strongly propose you do.

Next time I update this site guys, (next couple of days) I am going to talk about Didymo. Please for the sake of the fishery and our New Zealand heritage read the facts and post on the forum that I will start up about it. We need some opinions from fisherman who love this sport and understand the severity to everyday life that this organism has the potential to destroy.

Until then