Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 24th Of August 2010

Shane French /

August 24, 2010

Hey All,

All the rivers are fishable at the moment as the rain from last week drains off.

The heavy water flows have really changed the rivers over the past few weeks and no other river has changed more than the Tauranga Taupo. I shot in low there today and was blown away by the changes in this section. Whole pools have been removed and others opened up. There are big trees that have been ripped out and dragged downstream, river crossings have changed and the place in general turned over. We struggled in the TT only hitting two trout for the few hours on there.

From there we moved down to the Waiotaka and had a really good look in there. This is small water and you really need to understand where the trout will lie, otherwise the going can be very hard. The trout in here weren’t big by any standards but they pulled hard and there were a few of them too.

We dropped back to the Waimarino and did a beat below the bridge. This too has changed dramatically and can’t actually be walked anymore as the high water levels have deepened a gut and it can’t be forded, (big bugger). We managed one for an hours poking around and then headed home.

Great day out and Mike from Aussie is great company on the water. I have one more day with Mike and it is going to be a good one!

Regards Shane