Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 24th Of June 2008

Shane French /

June 25, 2008

Hey all,

This report is dedicated to Steven from Wellington who apparently has checked the site 100 times today!!

Like the rest of the country we have been blasted with the South westerly and now a Westerly wind that has been very gusty. With this came the rain and at times almost sleet! Great for the fresh runs into the Waitahanui. I can’t remeber the last time it has come in like this.

dscf3576.JPGYesterday i was up early and did the lower pools, going through them very quickly and pulling fish from most of them. The angling pressure was next to nothing as well. I kept these two Hens as I wanted their eggs for a dish that I make. Both had very orange flesh and smoked up well. In the afternoon I walked from the Bridge pool up to the pig pool. The lower section was empty but I caught up with them at Washerwomans and had a blast from there all the way up to Totara Bridge. Some of these freshies were a little on the small side but they are FAT. There was certainly NO shortage of food over this side in the past few months.

dscf3579.JPGThis morning I was aloud out again, ( I promised the evil one a sleep in Thursday). I was skunked in the lower section, although I only fished two pools and then scuttled up to the middle section. I pulled a good Jack out there that although a little small, was is fantastic nick. As there was only one car under the power lines I shot into the top pools as well and pulled trout in all the water I came across. My advice in the Waitahanui is that if you are not onto them, then move and don’t be affraid to move some distance!.

dscf3580.JPGI hooked this football of a Hen, Just look at it!!! Bloody thing took me down to my backing and I was using an 8 weight. I fell over a snag as I ran down the bank and fell into mud, all over my glasses and on my face. It would have been good to have had the video on this. I gave it a severe telling off and sent it on its way. As I was releasing it, it splashed me in the face with a good amount of water. Grrrrrrrr!

The Hinemaiaia had a good run go through yesterday as well. I was dropped off a very good fish for smoking and Jim from Tauranga dropped three more ‘stonkers’.

dscf3581.JPGThe Tauranga Taupo apparently had cars everywhere yesterday and although there were fish in the river, the water level proved to be a bit of a challenge for many anglers. I use a size 10 Muppet in this water and it gets me down. Try to fish the quieter water as well.

Apparently the Tongariro has been fishing very hard. Try Ross’s reports from the Tongariro river motel for a honest, (cough cough) report on this system. You can read the old buggers web site on

All rivers will have good numbers of Trout in them this weekend, save up the pak n save petrol coupons and make your way to trout capital of the world.

Did I mention that the Waitahanui is fishing well, Yippy!!!!!

Regards Shane