Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 24th Of November 2010

Shane French /

November 24, 2010

Hey All,

I smashed up my leg pretty damn good about 12 days ago and so have kept a low profile ever since. Sorry for the lack of reports, I just haven’t been able to walk!!

We are at the end of the Taupo season now. The flood that we had in October washed a lot of trout back out and so most of the rivers are a little lean on it.

I guided two very cool dutch people early this week and had a blast on the Hine. The trout were not that responsive but we had a great time and the water is looking really good for summer in here. Pools like this one will be great with the dry fly come Jan and Feb.

I took my son onto the Tongariro yesterday for a quick look and to see how my leg is going to hold up over the next six days of guiding. The braids were our first port of call and we each pulled a few from here. The quality was down a little but they all had fight in them, especially on my 5#. Steven dropped a very nice fish just up from the Honey Pot. If I was going to fish a Taupo trib at the moment the Tongariro would be the one. I have been tying a few specialty Hair and coppers for this river and they seem to be doing very well.

As I say I am out for the next six days and so will report in with a little more frequency.

Regards Shane