Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 24th Of November 2010

Shane French /

November 14, 2010

Hey all,

Big mixed bag out there at the moment on the Taupo rivers. Depending on who you talk to, what river they fished and where they fished in that river, all has to do with their success.

I was asked to guide a cool dude on Wednesday through the Waitahanui. James has been a Wet Liner on the Tonagriro for about 20 years and has just come over to the dark side, (Nymphing) in the past 6 months. He had plenty of skill but needed to see how I fished the Nui and to tweak a couple of things. We went in at the SH1 Bridge and walked the river, almost getting to Totara Bridge in the half day spent on here. Absolutely barren would describe the Waitahanui in this section. It will start to get a few Browns coming through soon and with them always come some Rainbows, but at this stage ewww yuck :(

I guided a very neat Tasmanian, (somewhere off Australia I believe) on Thursday and being 75 he didn’t feel like hiking it over big slippery rocks, (fair enough). I took him into a sneaky little spot that even Ross has NO idea about on the Tonagriro and we creamed them. 6 landed and a few dropped mid water. The sun was out and the little sparkly fly I used nailed them. I think we hit every trout we spotted, some of them rushing back down stream to grab this great little Nymph. Talking to other anglers that morning, most had been skunked and all looked sick at our exploits. :)

In between all this I finished my guide with the Two Australians, George and Mike. These two guys were over here for almost a week and wanted to fish the Tonagriro and do some back country. The going was a little tough on the back country rivers as the high water levels have moved the trout from their usual places in my rivers. I am just starting to see them moving back up. The River I choose on Tuesday still was a little high from all of Octobers rain and so the going was harder than I had planned for, however we still managed to spot all the trout and most were happy to scoff down our Nymphs. This was the last fish of the day and was WELL earnt, with Mike losing his whole drum of line from the reel as it fell apart, (cheap Aussie stuff). I had to net the spool from a deep hole, drag Mike out of the deep hole as he was trying to save it, then net the trout. Bloody good fun! Poor old George had the wrong soles on his Corkers boots and struggled to keep his footing on the rocks, this made it a hard day for the poor old bugger and he had to have plenty of man hugs on the crossings! He was the only one of us not to have a fall though over the three days I was with them. Both Mike and I had a good controlled drop to the ground, well actually mine wasn’t to controlled and by the time I had stopped falling I think I resembled a squashed possum. :(

I heard my first Cicada yesterday afternoon, bring it on baby!!

Regards Shane