Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 24th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 24, 2008

Hey All,

dscf1067.JPGThis Hinemaiaia report is dedicated to Chris Hall, (Fluff Chucker) who is stuck over in Australia for a few more months and has only these reports to keep him sane.

dscf1090.JPGWell Chris I haven’t put the hard yards into the Hine this season as it has been in flood way too much and the few times I did attempt it with clients we lost WAY too much gear! I have poked my head in there a few times over the past month but they have been flying visits and on many of these I have been skunked. As you know I hate this and so hence have stayed away.

dscf3379.JPGAfter your more than pitiful email to me that bought tears to my eyes I decided to go over there today and put some decent drifts through just to find out where the holes were. The water level was the lowest I have seen it for three months and quite clear as well.

dscf4104.JPGI immediately pulled an older fish out from under the bridge and dropped one more on the next cast, this was a good start! The Steps pool has completely gone now and is knee deep all the way through, sob sob. This may be one of the reasons the fish are moving through the straight quickly, this brilliant piece of holding water has gone!

dscf4105.JPGThe tree at the bottom of the straight that has fallen across the river has made it deep in that section and I have pulled fish from here over the season. I was fishing with an American, (Mark) who was short lining, or as we refer to it, Czech Nymphing. I will give this method a good go over the next few months, as it looks perfect for certain types of water and the Hinemaiaia has this water available.

dscf4108.JPGThe next bend down from there has changed dramatically as well. Last year I pulled dozens of trout from this small fast deep piece of water and at all times of the day. Although it still looks deep the drift has changed and it isn’t holding at all.  The water down from there along the straight looks good and when the water is higher it certainly looks like nice holding water but I have fished it under these conditions as well and not pulled fish.

dscf3574.JPGThe run down from there, under the bushes that have a tendency to reach out and gobble glo bugs, still looks great and Mark really showed off what Czech Nymphing can do in this type of water getting it right under the bushes with no snagging, shame there were no trout there.

dscf4109.JPGThe first bend up from the rock wall has been devastated and I am very pissed at this, mother nature certainly turned this section over. The deep hole has gone and there are snags all the way through. Down at the rock wall the top end where the snags are protruding looks deep and fishable, shame there is a big snag half way through the drift. In fact this whole bend now has snags through it, apart from the tail end and that still looks clear.

Thats about where I finished for the afternoon. Two fish in the first hole and then nothing else after, except about twenty dollars worth of nymphs, although by the end of it I was tying on second hand flies!!

dscf3765.JPGCome summer Chris when you are wading up from the river mouth with your little toy six weight and Royal Wulff I am sure you will take fish right throughout this section as weight to get down is not an issue and the trout will have PLENTY of hiding places amongst the snags. For now however the Lower Hinemaiaia is not a particularly stress free river to fish. It may be the reason why angling pressure is so low on here at the moment.

Take care my friend and I look forward to catching up with you for some beer and BS.

Regards Shane