Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report for The 25th July 2007

Shane French /

July 25, 2007

Hey all,

All the rivers are fishing well at the moment. I went for a quick flick this afternoon into the lower section of the Waitahanui picking up fish all the way to Colonel’s, got one on my first cast of the day as well! Again these fish were not great but they fought well and certainly hit the Nymphs with speed. The Hinemaiaia had mixed reports today with one person saying it was slow and then twenty minutes later another angler said he had a ball. I am fishing it tomorrow so will see for myself. The Smoots Bloody Marie accounted for a few fish this afternoon as well, great little Nymph this one.

Tomorrow I am going to pillage and plunder on the Tongariro with a friend as he wants to see my “Hidden Water” so should have an accurate account of that one as well. Speaking of the Tongariro, it is official that the white powdery stuff found at the Turangi post office, was in fact Ross Bakers weekly supply of crushed VIAGRA. Apparently it helps him get up in the morning!!!

Now for a more serious note. I have been going on about the shocking state of the Trout this season. Everyone who I have spoken to agrees that there is something fishy going on,(hehe). So today I got in touch with Glen McLean,(hope I spelt that right mate) from DOC. He is a good bugger and was more than willing to shed some light on the potential problem we may be facing with our fishery. In short, the change in climate that we have going on at the moment seems to be upsetting the Rainbows running pattern. It seems we have fish entering the rivers that should not be doing so for a few months yet, hence the small under nourished looking fellows. Glen fully believes that the best runs are still due to come in. Time will tell on this one, although I have just recently seen some data to support this. What is interesting is the fact that DOC are in the process of looking into the possibility of having theƂ size limit reduced to 42cm.

Good news for all Waitahanui River fishermen. The lower track is to be cleared up and cut back. All DOC land will be looked after as per normal. These guys do a great job and if you see them out there give them a friendly hello, without them the tracks would be horrible.

Hope you are all enjoying your week at work, I will think of you tomorrow while on the water,(well maybe not).

Regards Shane