Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 25th Of July 2008

Shane French /

July 25, 2008

Hey All,

Firstly The Web Site is about to go through a few changes, one of them being the ability to put video’s on. I tried this last year but had to upload to U tube and could only put on VERY small clips that took forever to load. The latest updates to the web site will take care of this and should be a heap of fun. We may experience one or two problems though and so please be patient, Traffic who are doing the upgrades are top notch and will have everything sorted pronto!

OK, well yesterday I was rung by Dick from Napier way asking if it was a good idea to shoot over and have a go in the Waitahanui. I was honest and said it was a bit tough in there at the moment even though the conditions were great. That and the fact that yesterday all the other rivers were blown out I thought the poor old Waitahanui would be chocker with anglers. He decided to try at another time. After I had driven the kids to day care I decided to go for a walk and have a look from Fence pool up to cliff. It was full of trout!!!!!!!! Sorry Dick. The little buggers obviously came in over night, the really horrible thing was there were no anglers on the river at all. I guess you will just come over next time huh.

The Waitahanui is in great nick with awesome colour and flow. I used a orange Champ dot glow bug in size 10 and literally slayed them. Most of the fish were that 3.5 pound mark but fought like nothing I have experienced, all Hens as well. After the slaying I shot over to the Hinemaiaia where I had a quick flick. The water colour was perfect but the volume was HUGE, I reckon it was up a good half meter. The drifts were way to fast and it was difficult to find slow water. I came home feeling guilty about Dick!

Today I went further South and had a go in some bigger water. Plenty of fish about if you are willing to throw a little weight and use bigger Glo Bugs. I took an old friend with me and we manged 6 in short time. All the fish were about the same 3.5 pounds, nice and fat and great fighters.

Time for another plug on the Kilwell SAS 8#. I have fallen in love with this rod and won’t want to give it back. As anyone who has come guiding with me knows I love using weight to get down on these Taupo run Trout and this rod will throw ANYTHING. I have been blown away with the shear grunt it possesses. In saying that it mends like a dream and I can throw a short amount of line on the water and then flick that and the indicator over with ease. I shot a whole floating line out and ten feet of backing to boot the other day while having a play on the boat ramp. I can’t do this with any rod I have used. When playing a fish you get all the responsiveness of a lighter rod but all the grunt that this rod has to stop them running into snags and down stream. Great rod, well done Kilwell

Like the rest of the North Island we are about to get thumped with rain, the rivers South of the Waitahanui will not take much to flood so check the levels if you are planning to come to Taupo otherwise you may find yourself on the Waitahanui with everyone else.

I hope you all have a great weekend and be safe on the roads.Regards Shane