Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 25th of November 2008

Shane French /

November 25, 2008

Hey All,

dscf4319.JPGI was told to “go fishing” yesterday and so I packed up early and headed off for a very long day around the Whakapapa, Whanganui area.The weather in Taupo was starting to turn nasty and by the time I got to Turangi it was blowing a gale and drizzling. Rain is no problem but I hate fishing with wind and so was a little discouraged. SH 47 was blowing something fierce but the rain had not made it that far yet. By the time I reached Owhango the wind had died off and it was actually quite a nice day! It is a truly different weather system over that big hill.

dscf4321.JPGI fished down to the confluence and then walked up the Whanganui from there. The Whakapapa is a beautiful river but take care on those crossings as the stones are covered in algae and the river swift. There are some very nice trout in this section! I was a little disappointed in the Whanganui. I pulled two trout like this one and dropped a solid brown after a brief hook up but that was it, I walked a few KM’S as well.

dscf4333.JPGI then decided to go upstream from the car park. This is where I picked up most of my trout and as I said some of them were very nice. They will be even better in a month or two once the hatches take off. The pictures don’t quite do the trout justice as they were all very solid across the back.

dscf4339.JPGI used a tapered leader swapping the middle section for fluro and going down to six pound at the dropper, then 6.4 pound mono from the dropper to the point fly. One of my small sliding indicators and the rig is complete. I used a gun metal blue Hot Wired Prince in #12 for the dropper and played around with the point fly. The Mighty mite from Feather Merchants did a bit of damage as did my little Black Beauty.

dscf4330.JPGAll in all it was a great day. The Whakapapa got a hamering last season from anglers but it looks like it has recovered, take care when handling these trout and please think twice about knocking them on the head.

Regards Shane