Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 25th Of October 2009

Shane French /

October 26, 2009

Back country bliss!

Back country bliss!

Hey All,

We have had some settled weather over the past week, with labour weekend being fantastic. Heaps of boaties out there enjoying some fairly good harling first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. Jigging has really taken off on Lake Taupo and these guys are doing well on the drop offs when the sun gets up. I had a guy come into the shop a few days ago and stocked up on Pink Cobras, as this colour worked for him out there that morning, before he lost the only one he had.

I managed to get out on the rivers yesterday and couldn’t believe the volume that ALL the rivers were holding. The lake level has come right up and this is restricting the amount of water leaving the Taupo Tribs, hence the higher levels. Even the Waitahanui was higher than normal.

dscf4825The Tongariro apparently has good numbers of trout throughout its course, green cadis and flash backs doing the business. There has not been alot of pressure on this river over the weekend with most of the upper pools being empty or near empty. Some nice trout are coming out but it is a little bit of a mixed bag at the moment with the spent fish moving back down.

I couldn’t believe the amount of water in the Tauranga Taupo as I passed over the bridge. Good to see leading up to the summer months. This river has fished well and is holding trout. I bet those upper pools look great as well with this amount of water in it.

The Hinemaiaia looked very fishy as well although a few reports that have come in have said hard fishing in here. It is such a small piece of water to fish from the road down to the mouth and if the trout do run you have to be there at the time, they don’t hold for long in this stretch. Bring on the 01 December!!!

As I said the Waitahanui looked great and it was fantastic having a quick flick in there. There are trout in here but the reports coming in are that they are a little on the small side. Very little pressure on the Nui leasing up to this weekend, however I noticed all the motels there are full so I guess it got a pounding!!

The reports coming in from the backcountry is that things are a little tough out there due to river levels being up and the crossing being too tough. Apparently someone went for a very scary swim in the Whakapapa  last week!!! Watch this river, it is scary at the best of times. I am cracking my neck to get onto these rivers but will wait a little longer for the levels to drop!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Regards Shane