Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 25th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 25, 2008

Hey All

dscf4110.JPGI was up early and onto the Waitahanui with Mark from America and Wellington Steve. I needed some footage of Mark with his Czech Nymphing technique and thought that Reids would be a perfect spot for him. We fished the lower section first and put a few down one of which was a very nice fish. I had a bloody shag go ahead of me through three pools. This thing was like a fully laden B52 trying to take off and certainly didn’t help with the stealthy approach on the water! Steven Landed an awesome Jack from the Pig Pool that would have gone 4.5 pounds, we would have given this the last rites but then it flipped over and we saw the huge lump on its side, yuck!! I got Mark into Reids where he produced the goods by pulling a fresh little hen out, this was captured on video and you can see it on that page. From there we landed about five others on the way up to Gordon Williams but nothing was over three pounds.

The Rip got a pounding from anglers last night even though the waves were crashing in. Apparently most of them left at 10.30 and then at 11.00 pm all hell broke loose with fish everywhere , don’t ya hate that!!

Take care out there

Regards Shane