Lake taupo Trout fishing report For The 25th September 2007

Shane French /

September 25, 2007

Hey all,

Lower reaches WaitahanuiI went for a good walk on the Waitahanui yesterday afternoon with my son. We started down low and walked the river. The bottom reaches didn’t have much in there but talking to a few anglers latter on in the day it seemed there had been a few pulled out from this section. The cliff pool certainly held a few.

Spawned out HenThe middle reaches held a few more fish but these were only in certain pools. If you get onto a few fish in this section stay with them. I used a little red Pheasant Tail looking fly that I purchased online from the UK. It has been working a treat and I can’t wait to try it out back country as well. There are plenty of spawned out fish coming back down at the moment and although they may not be eating quality they make the indicator go down and provide some sport.

The upper pools held trout in good numbers yesterday, they were darting around left right and center. The River is low and clear so these fish may move through fast, but they are in there for those willing to move around. I still found the Jacks taking Glo Bugs but I would certainly have on a natural at all times in this section of the river. There are some very big fish as well which is nice to see. Again the great thing about the Waitahanui was that we spent 6 hours on the water and only saw 4 other anglers. What other river can you do that on in Taupo!

So much for all the wind and rain we were going to get. All the rivers are low and clear. I can’t wait for some wind on this side of the lake as we haven’t had any now for three weeks or more and there must be plenty of fish waiting to run the Waitahanui.

See you on the water