Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 26th Of January 2010

Shane French /

January 26, 2010


Hey All,

Yuck!!!! where the hell is summer? We have had consistent rain and thunderstorms for the past twenty four hours leading to most of the rivers becoming un- fishable.

This is a big difference to last year when at this time the hatches were in full bloom and the Cicadas were making a hell of a racket. I am sure we will get a bit of that this season but lets face it, it is getting on.

dscf0266The Tongariro leading up to this weather has been full of Rainbows and Browns, all willing to take either the dry fly or Nymph, you just needed the correct conditions to make it happen. I have been doing really well from Red Hut down, keep an eye on the shallow water as the browns love this and will sit quite happily until you spook them. The Blue Bottle dry has seen them rise up more often than not.

I manged a few hours in the Waitahanui the other day and there are plenty of Browns in there if you take your time to look at the water. The good old Nui gets a few silver Rainbows in the lower section as well, so putting on your Polaroids can be great fun.

The Hine seems to have gone a little quiet but is still worth a look. There is very little attention on here at the moment and it does get a great evening rise above the bridge. Apparently there are some huge Browns in the lower section as well, under the banks.

The rips should have fired by now but apparently they haven’t!! I’ll wait until the next moon faze and then go have a look for myself. I checked out the Hine rip this morning while picking up a client and it was going straight out!! The lake is bloody high for this time of year and I am sure that Mighty River power will be stressing out trying to get rid of it before the winter season comes along!

I am meant to be going into the Whanganui tomorrow but with all this rain it doesn’t look good!!

Take care out there