Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 26th of May 2008

Shane French /

May 26, 2008

Hey all,

Oh God where have all the Trout gone??

Hard would be the call of the day out there. I have fished most of the rivers over the past four days and found them all to be absent of trout. The best bet would be to get onto the Tongariro and fish there. The only problem with this river is the quality of the trout landed. I have heard from a few reliable sources that the Trout taken in the Tongariro are terrible at the moment!!

We had a great group of Wellingtonians stay over the weekend and they found the fishing hard. Three of them even resorted to traveling to the Mohaka where yes you guess it, they were skunked there too. I blame the moon phase, not their skill level, (well maybe Steve’s) for the lack of Trout landed this weekend, it surly wasn’t to do with the guide, (gulp).

If I was a Trout fisherman, I would be hitting the Tongariro and hoping for a fresh fish. I would also be fishing the Tauranga Taupo river mouth on the change of lights and maybe looking at the Hinemaiaia. It is as I have said very hard out there at the moment.

I am out in the next couple of days for myself and so will get a good look at the water then. Until then good luck, the days are certainly beautiful to be out and about in.

Regards Shane