Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 26th Of November 2007

Shane French /

November 26, 2007

Hey all,

dscf1553.JPGSorry for the lack of reports for last week, it was an increadably busy one and in the end I came down with a 24 hour bug that was not pretty to see. We have had the most fantastic weather over the past week which means the lake temp has come up and all the rivers are low and clear. This means smelting has started and spotting Trout in the rivers is available to anglers who enjoy stalking them, I admit this is heaps of fun!

Beautiful water on the upper TongariroI have had a few people on the Tongariro over the week, fishing all sections of this mighty river. Man are there some fish in there. This time of year gives you plenty of choices as well. If you like Nymphing, then you can target the deeper water and fish blind with either Glo Bugs or naturals with a small indicator, or stalk the edges with a dry fly and dropper. The Trout will come out of the deeper water as well to take a nymph in mid water.

One from the TongariroBy the way thank you to all the Taupofishing readers who responded to the offer of Nymphs for sale, I have had to re order from Feather merchants because of that and have had some very positive replies back, all those Nymphs are proven trout takers. Also why I am on the subject of thanking you, the Moth I took a photo of and posted turned out to be a Native Puriri Moth. It appears there are plenty of Taupofishing readers with a good general knowledge of Moths out there!!

the lower Tauranga TaupoWe had an angler staying with us this weekend who ventured onto the Tauranga Taupo yesterday. He came back with the report that water conditions were low and very clear, angling pressure was next to none and that there were PLENTY of fish in all the runs and pools. Very light leaders, tiny indicators and size 14 and 16 naturals will see you having some fun here. Stay low when approaching the water and fish everything you can. Apparently some of these fish were fresh and in excellent condition.

The HinemaiaiaThe Hinemaiaia has seen some smelting action at the river mouth. I have a special Booby fly in the shop at the moment that is doing all the damage in both that rip and the Waitahanui. I have not put this fly on the wall so you will have to ask either myself or Lesley about it.

Freshie from the WaitahanuiOh my God the Waitahanui has fresh fish in it!! We had an angler stay last night who shot into the middle reaches for a quick look see and pulled 6 good fish in the space of two hours, all on Glo Bugs. His report was that they weren’t just in one spot but right through that section. I know for a fact that this river has had VERY little pressure on it and so the fish are not as spooky as they might be.

Check this view out from the lake front rooms.We are about to have a quiet patch accommodation wise, up until the 21st of December.We would very much like to fill these rooms, so will drop our room rate for this period to $60.00 per night, even for the famous lake front rooms. I will place an add on all pages to remind you about it. I hope this helps combat the ridiculous petrol prices.



Take care out there and see you on the water.

Regards Shane