Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 26th Of November 2009

Shane French /

November 26, 2009

Bring On the Westerly!!!!!

Bring On the Westerly!!!!!

Hey All,

There is a very strong Westerly blowing in at the moment, man have there been some good blasts!

The Waitahanui will be the river to have a poke about late this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. The last time I fished it, there was very good volume there also.

dscf0266Any Balmy nights that we get from now on, should see a hatch on the Tongariro. For those of you who have never fished a “hatch”, it should be on your Tick list. The excitement of knowing Trout are there and feeding, is quite pleasant! Take a torch with you though and fish right through until dark. It’s true what they say, the big ones come out after dark!!

While working at Hunting and Fishing I was very impressed with Gary’s, (old bugger, that is in charge of fly fishing section) selection of dry’s and terrestrials. They have some very nice Cicada patterns as well. I intend to do as much Cicada fishing as I can this season, as it is awesome sport.

Hey and whats this I hear about you Aussies trying to smuggle Cane Toads into NZ!! God imagine if those got onto the Tongariro, Ross would Stroke out! Don’t worry mate all your dying Pines will drop and kill them.(smile).

Regards Shane

Spotting For Fish, Waitahanui River

Spotting For Fish, Waitahanui River