Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 26th Of October 2007

Shane French /

October 26, 2007

Hey all,

Man that wind just does not want to let up, it has been howling in here for the past two weeks with no let up what so ever.

I took a client into the Waitahanui yesterday morning. The lower pools didn’t seem to have much going for them, only hooking one fish from the bottom to Cliff. We then turned our attention to the top pools, picking up trout immediately. Most were taken on the Glo Bug but a good number took a little Black Nymph I have been using, and yes it does have some claret in it.

This morning i took the same client into the Hinemaiaia. We were first to the Steps pools where we slayed them! We were busted off by two very good fish, one of which tore off downstream like a freight train. Excellent to see the Hine still producing the goods when the conditions are right.

From there we took a drive to the Tauranga Taupo. I was very surprised to find the car park empty at 7.30! We walked straight to the rock wall area and pulled fish straight away. The straight that the Rocks are on held about four dozen spawning fish as well. We kept a beautiful Hen of 3.5 pounds for dinner tonight and released the rest. That little black fly did the trick in this river leaving the glo bugs for dust, I even took my glowie off at one stage and used two of them.

Mike had seen someone wet lining the Tongariro the other day and wanted to give that a go so we marched back to the car rigged up the wet line while having morning tea and then drove to Red Hut. Spotting Trout from the bridge is good fun and today it was made easy with the fact twenty or so Trout lay in the deep water directly below. We only had limited time here as Mikes license was due to run out at 11.00am and so couldn’t really play too much. I believe if we had stayed longer and found the magic fly, it would have all been on. Some of these trout were in excellent condition.

Sooooooo, plenty of trout in all the rivers at the moment, don’t put your gear away yet!

Regards Shane