Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 26th Of October 2010

Shane French /

October 26, 2010

Hey All,

Sorry for the lack of reports, I Have been away in Auckland finishing some work up there.

because of that Im not to sure of what the Taupo rivers are fishing like, although thanks to a few VERY good readers they have given me some idea. probably the best news is that the Waitahanui has had a few trout go through. I still believe this river fishes best when the “”Straight”” is short, and man is it short at the moment!! Great news for the river, some good trout too I have been told.

Everyone has left the Hine alone thinking that the runs are over in this river. They have defiantly slowed down that is for sure, but some fun fishing is to be had in here for those trout coming back down stream to re enter the lake. It won’t be long before some hatches happen on here also, (sorry Garry)!!

The Tauranga Taupo has dropped right off, although it still looks high from the SH1 bridge. There are some deep holes in this river upstream and this is where I would be targeting, that or deeper riffles. Small naturals on here. A 5# could be a heap of fun!

The Tongariro should have a crap load in there somewhere. I haven’t heard a thing from this river and should go and fish it for a day or two, there must be something in there!!! I use small Red copper Johns at this time of year when the flow is low on the Tongariro and do well.

I have this week all to myself and so will go do some foot work and get back to you. I hope you all had a safe wonderful weekend.

Regards Shane