Lake Taupo Trout fishing report For The 26th Of September 2007

Shane French /

September 26, 2007

Hey All

I fished all the sections of the Waitahanui today. There were a few fresh fish in the lower section. The middle section is holding a few as well, with some excellent quality trout amongst them. Funny enough the top section seemed barren apart from Gordon Williams. This pool had seven or eight GOOD fish in there. Man this pool has changed dramatically over the past few months. It has a VERY deep head to the pool and has shallowed right out in the tail. A long leader and plenty of weight is needed to get down quickly as the flow is also concentrated on the true left with a small eddy on the true right. Nice looking water and I was not surprised to see so many fish in there.

The Waitahanui Rip also looks excellent and has produced some nice fish on and off for some time now, usually after I have left the water!

Regards Shane