Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 27th July 2007

Shane French /

July 27, 2007

Hey all,

Well yesterday I dragged myself out of bed picked up Trevor across the road and shot down to the Hinemaiaia for a quick look before moving on to the Tongariro. We both picked up a few nice fish in the Hine with Trev keeping a fat 5 pound Jack. In hind sight I should have kept one as well but it was early days and I had high expectations from the big T.

After being sprayed down by our roaming Didymo man David Kade, we headed down to Turangi.

Nice Jack from the TongariroI have to admit the quality of fish on the Tongariro yesterday was slightly better than in previous trips. I put back two fish in quick succession similar to the Jack in the photo. I also dropped two good fish one after the other right at the back of my drift. Three of these trout were on the Natural which was a little Claret number. I believe you should still have on a Glo Bug though!

Just down from the Sand Pool, upper Tongariro RiverTrevor wanted to have a look at the Sand pool so we made our way up there. This section is relatively new to me and I really enjoyed fishing it. The scenery is spectacular and every drift felt like it was going to hook up. There is some easy water there to fish as well!! Although fish numbers were not high in this part of the river yesterday, we did pick up a few.

The Waitahanui had a few fish in the River yesterday as well, with some nice fish taken in the middle section again. The water is fairly low at the moment so don’t go too heavy with your weight.

Regards Shane