Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 27th Of April 2008

Shane French /

April 27, 2008

Hey all,

Mike on a two pounder, heaps of grunt!Firstly a reminder, we are hosting the Waitahanui Lodge cup on the 17th and 18th of May, with a Barbecue and Beer evening on the Saturday night There is no entry fee for the tournament, my suppliers have sponsored a few prizes and Lesley and I have come up with a few also, including a full day guide on the Taupo rivers. We have entry forms with the rules for the comp available at the shop, or you can email me through this web site. It is a fun tournament, with serious undertones, we have always had some excellent anglers including a couple of sly old wet liners from the Waitahanui.

Wayne onto a good little brownHellishly busy this weekend just gone. Plenty of anglers through the shop and out on the water. The Hinemaiaia was going to get a bashing from all accounts, as every angler through my shop was headed that way. As I believe, the fish that were in there are in excellent condition but not in huge numbers. Who cares, it is a beautiful river and “they might just be around the next bend”.

Brownie in the Net!! Wayne wasn’t alowed to touch it!The Waitahanui apparently has fish in it but they seem to hard to catch. Reports of excellent quality Trout being spotted in this system. Man the Rip looked awesome Friday around 11.00am. I was doing a room when I made the fatal mistake of looking down the Lake shore. The Rip was running straight out and had really good flow. I was hopping from one foot to another trying to decide what was more important, ( cleaning room or Fishing, hhhmmm). Before I could decide Lesley who had seen the dreamy expression on my face, made it for me. SIGH!!

I’ll put a post on the Forum page about “Running Trout” sometime today, check it out I would like your opinion on it. If you have not joined the forum, please do so. We are going to have a Poll shortly on a subject that is paramount for all anglers and New Zealanders alike.

A little birdy told me the TT river mouth went off this weekend. It could just be a trick however to lure you there while he fishes another. We are due for a good splattering of rain today and so it will be interesting to see the river after this. At present this river is flowing at .325Â this probably enough to attract attention to it from fish, this can be confirmed by the rip fishing well. I need to have a look at this river as I did not venture far last time and was alarmed at the bank erosion.

I have heard that the Tongariro is full of trout and few fisherman. This can change in a heart beat!

dscf3222.JPGI fished back country on Thursday with Mike from Canada and Wayne from TRM. What a fantastic day on the water too, blue skies all day and just the right temperature. Wayne Hooked a beauty of a trout of around 4.5 pounds early on and dropping another fish of HUGE proportions further up. In total we hooked about 15 trout over 1.5 pound and four much bigger fish.

Regards Shane