Lake taupo Trout Fishing report for The 27th Of August 2007

Shane French /

August 27, 2007

Hey All,

Waitahanui riverThe Waitahanui rip fished well this morning from a number of reports in today. It certainly was perfect conditions for the rip with a slight breeze and high cloud cover all day. The fish that came out were not huge but were in excellent condition and fought well.

Todays catchSo with this in mind I fished the lower Waitahanui this afternoon. Boom, first cast and I was solidly hooked up into a decent Hen of 4 pounds. My Temple Fork 7# getting a full work out as it stripped line from the reel and tore off down stream at (yes you guessed it) Mac 10. I was after Trout for the table today and as this fish was not too fat with eggs, she got the final rights with my priest, (thanks again Balt). “Hey that was a good start “I thought and cast up again into the same spot, half way through the drift the indicator was yanked down and across. My striking was faster today and this too was a solid hook up. Like the previous trout this one tore off downstream and I fought it for at least five minutes before netting it just before some deep water. It too got the smack on the head!!

7 pound Jack from last weekWhat I love about the Waitahanui is that you can at times have the whole river to yourself,(or so it seems) and today was one of those days. I fished all the way to the Cliff Pool and back down again without seeing a single sole. I landed nine Trout in total and dropped a further three. I released a nice Jack of about 5 pounds from the Fence Pool but it seems there is a run of Hens in there at the moment. This photo is of a Jack that was bought into me for smoking last week. It went 7 pounds on the scale and was in great condition.

What a driftAll you Tongariro Junkies take a good look at why so many anglers are in love with the Waitahanui, the peacefulness of this river is medicine for the spirit. Every river has its own special magic and as anglers we should try and enjoy them all.

Take care and I will have a special report just for Chris from Austrailia, tomorrow.

Regards Shane