Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 27th Of January 2009

Shane French /

January 27, 2009

Hey All

I have fished all the main Taupo Rivers over the past three days spending about 25 hours on the water in total.

dscf4179On Sunday I shot down to the Tongariro and fished a fair amount of the middle water. I started with a dry fly and dropper and fished the edges and stalked a few rainbows picking up a couple of fat three pounders, they all took the dropper. Because of this I changed over to my Nymphing rig so I could attack the deeper water as well. This is where I found most of my fish for the afternoon. There were a few anglers about and most had hooked up. I am having a heap of luck with the Hot Wired Prince Nymph in Gun Metal Blue at the moment in #12. I pretty much have this little beasty on at all times and then just play around with the dropper. As the day got darker I changed to my little black nymph that I am always going on about and picked up the is solid four pounder which came home with me. Awesome afternoon!

dscf4172Sunday saw me on the lower Tauranga, very little pressure on here and a heap of GOOD Trout in the River, It was this time last year that I came across the biggest Rainbow I have ever seen just finning in shallow fast water, it would have been at least 13 pounds!!! Plenty of fish in the 4 to 4.5 pound mark in the lower section on the TT. I dropped two fish and that was it for here but had fun anyway. This is very low and clear so take your time approaching the water. Kaufman’s flash back pheasant tail is a good option on the Tauranga Taupo in #16, watch striking too hard!

dscf3710On my way back I had a quick look at a section on the Hinemaiaia and pulled God knows how many small fish from there. I did however manage to land this little bullet. Again I was using a standard nymphing rig but had the indicator fairly low down and did not have a great deal of weight on either. I do love the Hinemaiaia. The rip looked good as well and I believe there have been some excellent Brown Trout taken there.

This morning I fished the Waitahanui River. I stopped off at the Lodge to say hello to the new managers and to ask if they had seen our big male black and white cat Dogger. We lost him about 6 weeks ago from our new house. Sure enough there he was asleep on their couch, he turned up about two weeks ago ate all their steak from the Barbi they were having and has been the center of attention ever since!!! He travelled over 8 KM’s to get there.

Anyway the Waitahanui River.

dscf2686This River is LOADED with trout, both Rainbows and Browns. Every pool I came across had trout in it. Of course the Browns were of good size, I expected that but what was pleasing to see, was the condition of the Rainbows. I saw three of these that were well over 5 pounds, solid all the way through! The Cicadas were making so much noise it almost hurt my ears, (yeah yeah soft I know) and at one stage a mob of the big blind bastards flew out of the bushes and slammed into me, I had big green scuttly things down my back and in my hair. I changed my rig onto a cicada and dropper and fished my way up. Although there was plenty of insect life about there was no surface action and so at the cliff pool I changed back to the Nymphing rig, I immediately hooked up into a very good Brown that powered off downstream and busted me off. In total I landed 6 fish for the 7 hours I was on there, Not great going but I had the river all to myself, never seeing another angler on there. As I say there are some monsters in the Waitahanui and walking the river is always fun when one of these Browns glides out from the bank two feet from where you are standing. Fully recommend the Waitahanui for some afternoon action!

So there ya have it, great fishing to be had on all the rivers and fairly low angling pressure around.

Regards Shane