Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 27th Of January 2010

Shane French /

January 27, 2010


Hey all,

What a day!

p1270006I was up at 5.00am and picked up my client, (Allan) from where he was staying in Hatepe bang on 6.00am. I had been keeping a very close eye on the river levels as the amount of rain we have been receiving is scary. We were supposed to be going into The Whanganui with John Sutton of Taupo Quad bikes, but with the weather it didn’t look good! I made the call to have a look and at the worst Allan was going to have a fun ride in for no charge, if the river was un-fishable.

As we got down onto the Whanganui I was shocked to see how much water was coming down, it was up and coloured as much as I have seen it. John and I always have a plan B, (and sometimes a plan c) so we put this into action and within a short ride Alan was knee deep in the river. It was a beautiful day and I could tell that the river was dropping, in fact within the first hour it dropped 4 inches, much to my relief!

p1270007Half way up the first run we fished the indicator shot down and on lifting the rod a beautiful brown boiled to the surface, this was a heavy fish and didn’t really know it was hooked for the first few minutes, by that stage I was behind it with the net and the fight was over. Its always good to get the first strike of the day on dry land!! The fact it was a Brown that pulled six pounds made it even better. At the top of the run a Large Rainbow Jack came up out of the murky depths and attacked the indicator. Probably due to me squawking”” strike”” and flapping my arms like a Blue Duck, Alan struck, I watched as the entire leader flossed the Jacks mouth and the dropper stuck firmly in its Jaw!! This was a first for me as normally you miss these strikes completely. This Trout went NUTS tail walking down stream and tearing off in all directions. This one provedĀ  a little harder for the poor old guide to get into the net, but with the skill Alan showed fighting it, the end result was the same as the Brown.

We carried on up the river….

p1270016In the next pool we encountered, another rainbow attacked the indicator, this time we missed the strike and so I decided to put on a big Dry fly. Twenty casts later it came up from know where and scoffed it down, Alan waited for it to turn then set the hook like a pro. It was another nice Jack that went just over five pounds.

It went a little quiet after that and so I changed back to a standard Nymphing rig. We immediately picked up a VERY good Rainbow that tore off upstream and lept clear of the water, unfortunately it landed on the leader as it splashed down and pulled the hook. It was a very good fish!!

p1270014In the last pool of the day we once again came across a trout that had a go at the bloody indicator! We changed over straight away and two casts later it took a home made fly that Alan had tied before coming over to NZ. I managed to snap this picture of him giving me netting instructions while perched on a big rock! What a fantastic way to finish the day off.

John had the Quads all ready for us at the extraction point, and we made our way out feeling very satisfied. This is an awesome river, I have NEVER been let down here and can only say the fishing is out of this world.

Tight lines