Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 27th of October 2008

Shane French /

October 27, 2008

Hey All,

Sorry for the slackness of not writing reports, we are going through one or two small problems at the lodge and it is taking up my time!

First up thank you for all the support out there over the time we have been at the Waitahanui Lodge. Without this we would have sunk years ago. It seems however the writing is on the wall and a change of lifestyle is inevitable. A time for us to leave is yet to be set and that will be sorted out this coming week. I will still continue to keep this web site alive and as up to date as I can. Likewise I still intend to guide although it seems this may have to take a wee bit of a backseat for a year or so until we are back on our feet, I will become a full time weekend Guide, (smile).

In the mean time lets get on with it huh!

A very tough weekend on the Waitahanui. The Tauranga Taupo was blown out with rain and half of Taupo moved onto the Waitahanui. This river too was high and colored. Sunday saw it full of anglers all of whom were complaining of a lack of Trout. I took three anglers on there first thing and we managed to land one and drop another but that was it. At one stage I had to walk them from Little cliff to the pig pool before we could find some water to fish. Anglers on all corners.

Monday morning saw me out there again with two more, again very tough going.

I went for a good walk on the  Tongariro right below Grace road on Saturday. God what a bland horrible looking river down there. They have certainly done a great job of removing the vegetation but yuck!!! I lost four sets of gear and decided to call it a day, not my scene at all.

dscf4198.JPGHere are some fish a couple of boaties pulled out of the lake on Saturday morning, all taken on the Gold Bodied Ginger Mick. I smoked these for them and the condition of these Trout was superb!

Taupofishing Sliding Indicators

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Take care out there.

Regards Shane