Lake Taupo Trout fishing report For The 27th Of September 2007

Shane French /

September 27, 2007

Hey All

I fished the lower section of the Waitahanui briefly this morning with a client before moving down to the Tongariro. The Waitahanui didn’t seem to hold many fish, (if any) in that section and talking to few anglers on the river it seemed fairly hard in other parts as well. So with that in mind we drove to the Tongariro and parked at Red Hut. I was shocked to find it empty, especially being the school holidays. Once we got onto the bridge I quickly realized why we had it to our selves. There was a HOWLING Southerly blowing straight down the river and man it was cold!! Since we were there it seemed sensible to give it a go. On his third drift Cell came up hard against one of the best trout I have seen hooked all season, and man was this thing angry. It walked us the full length of the river and we were out on the backing the full time. It finally manged to wrap around a rock and bust us off. Wow it was a good fish. We tried a few more places on the river but it was to no avail the wind was too strong. Cell wasn’t interested in wet lining and this would have been the only possible way to fish.

From there we shot back to the Hinemaiaia where it was calm and warm in the sun. In short time we had two little hens of about three pounds on the bank. Cell was happy I was sort of happy and we called it a day.


Regards Shane