Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 27th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 27, 2008

Hey All,

Well a mixed bag out there for fisherman at the moment, if you are prepared to be innovative and maybe move around you will have some great fishing. If you choose to do the same thing all day and not catch fish…….well, you won’t catch fish!

dscf0360.JPGA friend of mine came by the shop late last night to show off some of the fish he caught from the bridge pool on the Tongariro last night. He fished the change of light and well into darkness until the wind came up and put the ‘Hatch’ off, that in his opinion was “going off”. He gave me the killer fly and I was dumbfounded by it. The twenty odd fish he landed in less than an hour and a half shut me up though. Come by the shop sometime and I will let you in on his little secret.

dscf0346.JPGThe Tauranga Taupo has got quieter and quieter as the week has gone by. This has had a huge amount of pressure and now that the water level is low things are tough on the TT. We are due some rain tonight and first thing tomorrow and so hopefully another run of Trout will enter.

No reports in from the Hinemaiaia. This could be the dark horse of the rivers, little angling pressure on here, if you strike it right you may have some amazing fun. Just take plenty of Nymphs with you!!!!

dscf0333.JPGThe Waitahanui has quietened down a little as well. We have some fisherman in the lodge at the moment who have been flogging it over the past two days. Small fish in the 3 pound range are spread thin throughout the length, there is a bit of pressure on there as well.

Have a safe weekend

Regards Shane