Lake taupo Trout fishing report for the 28th of August 2007

Shane French /

August 28, 2007

Hey all,

Bob hooked up nice and earlyI guided Bob, an Englishman living in Australia today. The plan was to have a relaxing day away from the crowds, fishing a piece of water he hadn’t fished before. With this in mind we headed to the Waimarino. It was low and clear but i new a few fish had gone through,(like all other rivers) over the past week and hoped to catch up with them somewhere on the river.

First of many todayIt didn’t take us long, (second drift) before Bob was hooked up into a fiesty little hen of about 3.5 pounds. These are great fish to battle in tight confined spaces on 6# rods. The Champagne orange dot Glo bug doing the trick this morning.

Nice little jackSlowly moving up stream, we landed one or two then moved into a stretch that seemed barren of fish. I was about to make the call and move to another river when Bob hooked into a good Jack that he only just managed to hold onto to. From there it was all on, with trout in most lies and pools.

Wild horse on the WaimarinoAt one stage, just before the Winter Limit sign we came across a pool LOADED with Trout. This was Trout central station, but we could not get any of them to take, I even resorted to naturals very early on, took off the indicator and lengthened the leader. I forgot to pack the dynamite and to be truthful it probably would have been the only thing to work on them. On the way back down we picked up a few more and came across a wild horse in the middle of the river, Man I love this job!!

Spot the indicatorI have been asked many times what my favorite river is and to be honest I would have to say all of them. The tight snaggy confines of a river like the Waimarino are a challenge. The large expanse and shear raw power of the Tongariro is mind blowing at times. The deep short pools and relaxing atmosphere of the Waitahanui are great for the sole. You get the picture. I’ll stop now before I start sounding like Ross!

It’s blowing a gale out there at the moment a true cold Southerly. We have a little rain as well which might help the river levels. No reports from any other rivers as the shop was closed for most of the day, Lesley’s turn to be sick!!!

Take care out there.

Regards Shane