Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 29th Of August 2008

Shane French /

August 29, 2008

Hey All

As you can see I have a Video button installed on the site. Oh man what a heap of trouble this has been. The guys from Traff1c in Taupo have really had to work hard on this for me. I am almost there with it and as of Monday or Tuesday that should be up and running.

dscf3831.JPGA hard few days on the water. I fished both the Tauranga Taupo and the Waitahanui. Leon from Austrailia wanted to catch fish!that was the order of the day. We picked up two very marginal fish from the middle reaches of the  Waitahanui then moved  up to pig pool and above. We sucked!!! I had a blast in here on Saturday and Sunday but the trout have moved through and nothing is there in their place.

dscf3832.JPGThe Tauranga Taupo was full of cars but I have a few little hot spots that almost no one fishes. We pulled three of these little Hens out taking the best of them for smoking. Reports in from this river are all the same. Small fish that are not in bad condition. Some of the spent spawners are showing up now. Apparently the pressure further up the river was insane with about 20 anglers from ladies mile up to Rangers. On the bright side the bloody river is fishable and we should all be happy about that.

dscf3835.JPGToday I fished with Gunther on the Waitahanui. The plan was to fish the upper pools of the Waitahanui all the way to the limit pool. I was happy to do this as I wondered if we would catch up with the good runs of the weekend. We dropped what looked like a good fish in Totara but then never hit another fish untill above Gordon Williams. I know it is going to be a hard day when I miss in Pig, Reids and Snag!!!! Hell I even changed leader length weight and flies. Gunther dropped a very stroppy fish in a hellish run just down from Black Fish but that was it. Very few fish in the Waitahanui. At the Limit pool we came across Mark from Auckland, we watched him from above, he was fishing it from the true left. Now the thing is here guys the night before he had come into my shop and said hello, (as he always does) when I shook his hand I noticed his sleeve was wet. Apparently he had tripped over a big rock in the Limit pool, smashed his knee, (looked sore too) and taken a proper dunking. When we saw him today I called out and we had a small conversation, in the process he stepped back hit the same rock and disappeared under the surface, (total submersion). Sorry Mark but that made me giggle!

The Hinemaiaia is still running to high to fish. You can get out to the rip but you have to go through a deep little patch first. Check it out during the day first.

I had an honest report in from the Tongariro today. Fish are in there in some numbers. A good fish is still 4 pounds with a heap around the 3.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Regards Shane