Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 29th Of May 2008

Shane French /

May 29, 2008

Hey all,

Things can’t get too much harder at the moment in the Taupo Rivers!

dscf3462.JPGTwo very good anglers fished the Waitahanui yesterday, going in low at the SH1 bridge and ending up in Reids. They saw TWO fish, Damn!!

The Hinemaiaia is low low low at the moment and as the rip looks like piss, I am sure it will be effecting running Trout.

dscf3468.JPGNo reports in from the Tauranga Taupo but it is low also, so i am sure the Trout will be spooky as. You could go in there with a six weight at the moment, light tippet, small naturals, long leader, small indicator and have some fun. Stalk the water.The rip is fishing quite well at times and so the next fresh should send some fish up there.

dscf3469.JPGI fished the Tongariro today, getting on there nice and early. It was very hard going. I picked up two good fish first up and then spent a long time searching for the third. There are trout in this river, no doubts about that but they are very choosy about what they take. I found Glow bugs first up to be a winner, and then once that sun came up, size 14 Flash Backs did the trick, (just)!

dscf0011.JPGThe new moon is upon us and so if I wanted Trout I would plant my arse in a rip on the change of light. There must be a heap of fish hanging off the lips just waiting to move in.

be safe on the roads over the long weekend, please feel free to call by the shop and say hello.

Regards Shane