Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 29th of October 2008

Shane French /

October 29, 2008

Hey All,

dscf4229.JPGI was back into the Whanganui yesterday with Blake and Damian. These two guys have only recently taken up fly fishing and wanted a back country experience and a few tips to help them along. They had both splashed out and purchased the Sage Z Axis rods and I have to say these are a fantastic rod and it has definitely helped them to cast.

dscf4224.JPGThey thoroughly  enjoyed the Quad trip in and we manged to get in there within record time, giving us more time on the water. The boys were up to the rock hopping and river wading too which meant we fished 1.5 beats yesterday.

dscf4226.JPGThe fish are putting on weight fast now and everything we hooked up on was chunky, mean and full of fight. A few Hens turned up yesterday and these were in great condition. We also came across a huge eel that would have been five feet in length and probably weighed well in excess of 20 pounds. I would have taken a picture of it except I was trying to net a hooked trout. This big bastard came right up to my leg!

dscf4218.JPGDamian at one stage hooked a VERY solid Brown trout that just would not come to the net. It did everything in the book to snap off including wrapping Damian around rocks, coming straight at him and rubbing itself into the gravel bed to remove the hook. Damian did his best to control this fish but in the end 6 pound fluro can only take so much abuse and the line parted. Actually poor old Damian managed to hook every nasty fighting fish in the river.

dscf4216.JPGWe came to one pool that is a “given”. I told them that although I hook trout every time in this pool the landing rate is very low due to the fast water down below and the fact the trout head for it at some stage during the fight. Blake was first up and on his first drift the indicator went under, he struck the trout boiled to the surface then in one run went down stream through the rapid and took Blake out onto his backing!! Point taken was the comments from the boys.

dscf4214.JPGI thought the fishing was a little tough yesterday but I am putting that down to the weather, it was drizzly and cold. I believe in these rivers the trout are more active when insect life is hatching and that needs a little warmth! As I say what is good to see is the difference in condition and size from ten days ago. By the end of march some of these fish are going to be 7 pound plus!

Thanks guys for a great time out.

Regards Shane