Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 29th Of September 2012

Shane French /

September 29, 2012

Hey all,

Lots of things happening at the moment so I apologize for the lack of reports.

The trout that are coming out of the lake and rivers are in excellent condition. Last week, once the rivers dropped, a friend and I shot out for a mornings fish. between the two of us we probably hooked twenty odd trout and pretty much all of them were in exceptional condition. We had some fantastic fights! The trout are obviously getting good food while out in the lake.

Friday seems to be a very popular day with anglers at the moment. Yesterday the Hine was getting its usual smacking by the looks of it, so I dropped back to the Waitahanui¬† went into the middle section and worked my way up slowly. There are some excellent fish in here and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got another good run before the season is out. All the pools are deep and have the potential to hold trout. A good pair of polarized glasses is a must if you are going to spot in the Nui. You want to be looking for any torpedo shapes, then once found, decide if you can see colour. Green is weed :)

Over all, I have had a good season and it is heart warming to see better trout in the system.

Bring on the back country stuff. I have a guide, in on the quads, next week and so am supper pumped about that one. He is an excellent angler and wants lots of pictures taken :)

Regards Shane