Lake taupo Trout Fishing report for The 2nd of August 2007

Shane French /

August 2, 2007

Hey all,

What a fantastic day on the water.

I was going to go for a fish myself when I was rung at the last minute by an American angler wanting a half day out. We hit the water at 10.00am going straight to the Tauranga Taupo. I new this was still flowing just below .700 but thought the slower water might hold a few and it did!! Some of the anglers on there didn’t have enough weight on at times and so were struggling with the extra flow. I also had to help some dude who tried to cross and got swept off his feet. From there we shot down to the Tongariro. The section we fished had heaps of Trout in it and for once most of them were in good nick, great to see. The Hinemaiaia was going to be our next port of call but due to the cars below the bridge we drove back to the Waitahanui. The Westerly had been blowing all day and there were fresh fish in the lower section. Roger got taken to the cleaners by two nice fish in the space of two casts, he had the good nature to laugh about it. All in all about 25 landed for the half day by one angler, that is a record for me. The fishing is red hot at the moment and I suggest anyone thinking of coming to Taupo ,do so over the next few days.

Regards Shane