Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 2nd Of October 2011

Shane French /

October 2, 2011

Hey All,

Yes I know I have been slack. I am sort of over the Taupo Fishery at the moment, it needs a massive improvement! The times I have been out over the past month, the trout have been small! Yes the condition is up but the size is well down and the numbers are too. Anyone saying otherwise needs to have fished Taupo in the 80’s and 90’s. The number of clients that I have talked to over the past few months, who now only buy a weeks licence when they come up is staggering. One of my good friends from Wellington won’t even touch Taupo now and in winter goes straight through to Rotorua. We need to indroduce “R” strain fish to get the size back up. These shitty little breading mongrels are breeding shitty little mongrels. The egg size is very small and that will not give the smolt a good kick start in life. If you open up the stomach contents of a 6 pound Hen, the eggs are HUGE. DOC are holding onto the “Wild Fishery” concept way too much in my opinion hence they won’t stock it with “R” strain fish. Well DOC the next time your purse strings are too tight to pay for something, because Licence sales have plummeted, you might want to check your ego a bit :(

That said, (and yes i’m quite pissed at it) i’ll move on to a much happier scenario, The opening of the Back Country :)

This I have been waiting for with much anticipation. I had a guide all set up and ready to go for the 1st and it was made even better by the clients being regulars with me and good company. The River I choose was always going to be tough but in general the trout are huge in this section and that is what I wanted to put them onto. The River level was perfect and the day not too bad. The fishing however was tough going. The boys, (Lance and David) gave it their best and did very well considering not picking up rods for some time. Thank God Lance hooked and landed this brilliant 7 pound Hen from a deep run otherwise my start to the season would have been a skunking. I thought there might have been a few more fish in this section and talking to another guide at the end of the day, he thought the same. Our fish was bigger than his :)  It is one of those rivers however that the trout can move up into this section at any stage and so I will give it a month and then go for a walk myself. There is so much water I have to have a look at over the next month I hope the weather holds out and I can get some new video footage for you all to drool over.

I promise to keep up the reports now at least once a week. So until the next one take care and have fun.