Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 2nd of September 2008

Shane French /

September 2, 2008

Hey All,

dscf3847.JPGI was up at 4.30 this morning and fished the Waitahanui Rip. One other angler fished with me from 5.00 through to 5.45, when another angler came along. No fish were taken until just on light when I hooked a very good Jack on a Brown Woolly bugger. I fished for another 20 minutes without a touch then came home for breakfast. Rip looks good!

dscf3848-1.JPGI drove down to the Tonagriro after breakfast and walked from Red Hut up the true right to just before the Blue pool. There were a heap of anglers about and so I watched for most of it. I saw one good fish taken by a very skilled angler in the Blue Pool but apart from that there was no action. Yes Ross I got skunked on the Tongariro, come try the Waitahanui!

dscf3849.JPGWhat I will say in the Tongariro’s favor is that all the heavy water has cleaned out the pools making them deep blue and very defined, The Tonagriro looks freakin good!! All the nasty slime has gone from the rocks as well, making it quite safe to wade in Neoprene’s. The two pools I did fish looked fabulous and I look forward to getting back here earlier in the day next time to plunder.

Red Hut has had a major change with the entire river coming down the true left to go under the bridge, where as before it split up the top and a good amount of water came down the right side. This effect made a deep pool that had a gentle swirl, (slack water). This is now gone and the water shoots straight under the bridge. If you look closely there is a ledge there that the trout will sit behind before shooting the faster water ahead. Try this in the morning .

Nice few hours out on a great River.

Regards Shane